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What are your hobbies?

September 20, 2009

I love nature treks and hiking. The pleasure that I get in being one with nature when I am walking along the woods with rain splashing on my face and birds chirping in the air is unbeatable and inexplicable.

I have been to several trek locations in India – Rajgadh, Raigadh, Sinhgad, Lohgadh, Ponmudi etc. These are amazing places, and I am sure there are infinite number of such unbelievable breath taking locations on the face of this earth. My next destination is the beautiful range of Himalayan mountains, where I wish to try my hand at mountaineering. Any suggestions or recommendations?


Pet lover?

September 20, 2009

My favorite pet is dog. Ever since I was a child, we have had generations of pets at our home. The first one was an alsation, after which we had a couple of pomerians, then a labrador. I am now missing the company of a dog while I am in US. I can’t have a dog here for two reasons. 1. I am a student and can’t spend enough time for taking care of my pet. 2. Maintenance of pets here is very very expensive. You could say it is a luxury to have a pet here!

I am a dog lover and my favorite breed has been Labrador so far. What is yours? Do you like pets? If not, why?

Hiking expedition

September 20, 2009

Travel is one thing I can do even when I am 100. I love seeing new places, meeting new people, trying out new cuisines, falling in love with nature again and again and again…

Recently I had been to the 2nd largest national park in US, The National Acadia Park in Maine. This defined beauty to me unsurpassed. We were a group of 8 travellers, hired a Toyota Sequoia from Boston at 5am and drove straight through the scenic greenery and hills around the serpentine road. It was a neat 6 hour drive to the Acadia Visitor center. We collected a few maps and information about what’s around and what’s best. Before we left, we bumped into a theatre, where they were screening a movie on the Acadia. That’s when we realized the beauty of the place that we were in. The video showed the different hills of the park, and said that it was the 2nd largest park, the 1st being the Yellow stone national park. In all there are 58 national parks in US and I realized how much more nature has to offer.

We got out of the place and went arounf the one-way park loop road, which touched upon the various spots from where breath taking beauty could be witnessed. Each spot had a different view and was worth the stop. We just could stop stopping! 🙂 We then came to a point where the board read Precipice trail – the most challenging and popular trail in the park, with an exposed and almost vertical 1050 ft climb. Now this was something that gave us an adrenaline rush that couldn’t be ignored. We had to decided – 1pm – have lunch and proceed/forget about the challenge, or give up lunch for a while and just go on head collision and see what precipice had to offer. We chose the 2nd.

We first very energetically marched through the slippery hard rocky surface. About 30mins later, the trail became all the more challenging with rods to hold on to and climb. The couple in our group decided it was too risky to proceed. So they decided to return, while the the rest 6 of us decided to gloriously march through, taking pictures of ourselves whereever we could, at every turn. An hour later, we met a couple full of sweat from head to toe, red with exertion and tiredness coming back from the precipice. We asked them how far we were from the top. They said, “Oh! You are not even half way through. You have a looong way through.” And we were like “What the…”.

Pulling ourselves together, and deciding that we needed to cut on the pictures and the talking to save our energy (remember, we hadn’t had lunch), as there was no question of return from this point, we strutted through the rocky surrounding with aplomb, not realizing, that’s when our adventure actually began. We started facing more vertical heights, slippery rocks, narrow paths, almost edge of the cliff edges, etc. When we were just 15 mins from the top (as another couple returning told us), I was hanging for my life at a corner, in utter despair. I was faced with the most ridiculous challenge ahead – a more than vertical cliff with a 135 degree inclination towards the ground and just a couple of rods to hold on to. That’s when I realized my insurance had expired too! And all those things that shouldn’t come in, came into my mind – My family, my friends, my recent MBA degree, the money I put into it to get myself educated, etc etc; and I was like “You know what, I can’t risk my life, sorrow my parents and put my dad’s mortgaged property into trouble just because of some rocky fantasies of mine. That’s when I decided that I wouldn’t go ahead and said so to my group. Everyone started swearing at me, telling me we were almost there, and how I could give up when I was so close to victory – all that emotional boostup of morale etc etc. Then one of my friends came up and helped me get out of that corner by asking me to put my foot exactly at the places that he was putting and proceed through. I followed, and… you can say I survived, else you wouldn’t be reading this blog!

The last 15 mins was the toughest part of the climb, where we risked our lives like we never did! Once we were at the top, we couldn’t believe it. We were screaming our guts out, thanking the lord for his mercy on us all. We all then realized that we had been silently praying for our lives during the toughest part of the climb! We freaked out on the top jumping up and down, clicking the camera until the batteries went dead, never feeling so very victorious. Once we expended most of our energy there, we realized we still needed to get down! We sobered down, and started climbing back down. This was even tougher than the climb up, not because of the danger, but more so because of the body pains and the sore knees. By the time we were down at 6pm, we all were almost limping and wincing with pain, and famished.

The first thing the couple (who stayed back) did was to take us all to the nearest Indian resturant, where we ordered from the menu as if it was for a 100 people. Once the food arrived, we all jumped on it like hungry dogs. Once the vessels were wiped off all the curry, not a morsel of food was left and all our stomachs satiated, we checked into the Hampton Inn hotel where we had reservations, and just crashed on our beds!

Well what can I say, this was the best rocky adventure that I had, and would remember and cherish in my life time!

Hello world!

January 22, 2008

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!